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Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors - Sliding Wardrobes for Bedrooms

We specialise in fitted wardrobes with sliding doors for bedrooms, also known as Sliding Wardrobes or Sliding door robes. All our top quality wardrobes with doors that slide are built with quality materials & workmanship using elegant, functional designs that create modern, custom made furniture, maintaining a stylish look whilst maximising the storage space within your bedrooms. Our Sliding Wardrobes are available in many styles, colours and materials and all come with our 10 year warrantee. By using sliding doors on our wardrobes we can create efficient use of space and achieve a modern, functional design that enhances any bedroom. We only ever use the best quality fittings for our sliding doors ensuring lasting satisfaction for our customers.

We also build fitted wardrobes without sliding doors as we appreciate all bedrooms are different and quite often the style of the room dictates a different approach. Our fitted wardrobes are custom built in our workshops allowing us to limit the inconvenience and mess in your home. We can build fitted bedroom furniture to suit all styles.

For some ideas of what we can do, click on any of the images below for more detail or visit one of our sliderobes in Ireland showrooms .

Cream glass and mirror sliding wardrobes with high gloss handles Sliding wardrobes with high gloss handles Sliding wardrobes with Red Glass door & silver aluminium handles Sliding wardrobe with silver aluminium handles Fitted Sliding wardrobe with mirror door
& bronze finish surround

Sliding wardrobes with mirror door
Cream and chestnut Sliding wardrobe with wenge panel door Sliding wardrobes with wenge panel door
Cream panel Sliding wardrobe with wood door handle
Sliding wardrobe with wooden door handles
Black Glass Sliding Wardrobe
with silver dividers
Black Glass sliding wardrobe with silver divider
Plain White Fitted Sliding Wardrobe with panelled door
Fitted Sliding Wardrobe with white panelled door
Black Glass and
mirrored door Sliding wardrobes
Sliding wardrobe with black mirrored glass
Plain Black Glass and
mirrored door Sliding wardrobe
Black glass and mirror door sliding wardrobe
Cream Gloss & Chestnut Wenge
Sliding wardrobe
Chestnut Wenge sliding wardrobe
Cream and classic brown glass Large bedroom Sliding wardrobe
Large bedroom sliding wardrobe
Dark wood panel with mirrored door wardrobe Dark wood panel with mirrored door sliding wardrobe
Cream panel with mirrored door Sliding Wardrobe Cream panel with mirrored door Sliding wardrobe      

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